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Drive thru under Van Dyke Gallery Lynnewood Hall Elkins Park
Drive thru under Van Dyke Gallery, Lynnewood Hall, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
Private Gallery, Lynnewood Hall, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania - From 1915 to 1940,
Inside Lynnewood Hall Art Gallery!
Historic Structures
Lynnewood Hall is a 110-room Neoclassical Revival mansion in Elkins Park, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, designed by architect Horace Trumbauer for ...
Lynnewood Hall the Van Dyke room was a sumptuous room at the end of the gallery displaying the work of its eponymous artist. I'd love to know if the family ...
VanDyke Gallery at Lynnewood Hall, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
Lynnewood Hall Neglected- pic from Saving Lynnewood Hall Group Abandoned Castles, Abandoned Mansions,
lynnewood hall in pennsylvania (now in disrepair)
Lynnewood Hall swimming pool - pic from Saving Lynnewood Hall Group
Lynnewood Hall - what it would look like restored - colorized by Chris Chalkley
Lynnewood Hall is a 110-room Neoclassical Revival mansion in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, designed by architect Horace Trumbauer for industrialist Peter A. B. ...
Lynnewood Hall swimming pool - pic from Saving Lynnewood Hall Group
South wall of VanDyke Gallery in Lynnewood Hall
Lynnewood Hall Would Need 'About $50 Million' in Repairs. Lynnwood HallElkins Park50 ...
One of the service entrances at Lynnewood Hall. The main block of the mansion is
So I checked out the Lynnewood Hall today, it's an abandoned mansion in Elkins Park
Lynnewood Hall picture postcard
Images. Exterior view in September 2007. The Raphael Room at Lynnewood Hall, William Bruce Ellis Ranken, 1917
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Ungilded: The Lost Splendor of Lynnewood Hallby Deborah Fries • Terrain.org: A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments
Lynnewood. The main house itself was set in a 36 acre, impeccably landscaped area and the Wideners employed up to 100 servants to wait on them and maintain ...
Lynnewood Hall
Almost eighty years of avarice and neglect have wrecked havoc as Lynnewood was gradually stripped of its interior embellishments by the religious groups ...
Lynnewood Hall in January 2013
Finally visited the famous Lynnewood Hall, home of the Widener family. Peter (papa
Lynnewood Hall 2007.jpg. Exterior view in September 2007
I am extremely dismayed to share that the gatehouse at Lynnewood Hall has been vandalized with
Very early view of the mansion shot in 1908. You can see that the Van
Brochure from the 1944 auction. What a heartbreaking day that had to have been.
The Reception Room at Lynnewood Hall is easily one of the most elegant rooms in the
One of the massive urns that once graced the formal Rose Garden at Lynnewood Hall.
The lesser known relative of Lynnewood Hall is Elstowe Manor. Having been constructed in 1898
Please share this and help this piece of history stay #lynnewoodhall #mansion #mansions
Over the top...several times over.
Did you know Lynnewood Hall was in a movie? In 1926 a silent film was
Yet another splendid vintage advertisement showcasing a custom built Pierce Arrow for Joseph E. Widener
This room looks almost identical today minus the furniture and a few architectural details that were
Lynnewood Hall, Elkins Park, PA (1897-1900), Horace Trumbauer, architect.
This gallery in the Tate gives some idea as to what it was like to go " gallery hopping" in the past--floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall art.
A different angle of Eleanor Elkins Widener's bedroom in the West Wing of Lynnewood Hall.
Architect Horace Trumbauer greatly respected Indiana Limestone and often used it in his projects throughout the
One of the most intricate rooms at Lynnewood was the tea room. Unfortunately this is
Shot three months ago, this stunning view shows just how vast the grounds of Lynnewood
Although this was shot in the late 1970s, there are very few differences from then
Lynnewood Hall in January 2013. Image: Beth Sholom
Lynnewood's "chapel," a remnant from the mansion's seminary days.
Rare view of the Van Dyck Gallery circa 1910. The painting over the fireplace is
Peter A.B. Widener's personal bedchamber located in the Southwest wing of the mansion. This room
Lynnewood gate on Ashbourne Road, 2012. Photo by Deborah Fries. Restored or in ...
The National Gallery in D.C holds many household furnishings from Lynnewood Hall as well as the
... Stunning depiction of the formal French Parterre garden and driveway from the second story of the
George D. Widener Jr., Horace Trumbauer & Eleanor Elkins Widener at Harvard 1915. Courtesy Philadelphia Free Library
Here is a rare three part “before and after” regarding the main art gallery
... The first photo I ever shot of Lynnewood Hall. The beginning of a journey I
I shot this photo of Lynnewood back in February. I hope to visit her again
The Gilded Age house had 55 bedrooms, each with its own bath. There were more than 100 servants.
Living Room
sims 3 mansion lynnewood hall replica huge big luxury garden. 8m 9K 37. Images. Exterior view in September 2007
... This early 1920s photograph depicts Lynnewood Hall gleaming white in the radiant sun and showcases her
Here is one the rarest before and afters you'll find of Lynnewood Hall.
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The original estate included properties more than doubling the area of Widener's showplace.
Different angle of the ballroom from the one previously posted. The massive doorway towards the
Harry Elkins Widener - Image: Hew bookplate
L'image contient peut-être ...
Lynnewood Hall ( @lynnewood_hall )
Eleanor “Dimple” Widener as a child. She was the daughter of George Dunton
Joseph E. Widener - Image: Workshop of Rembrandt van Rijn The Descent from the
The National Gallery in D.C holds many household furnishings from Lynnewood Hall as well as the
Widener 6
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2049 Connecticut Lane Franklin Park PA 15143
The wedding of PAB II and Gertrude took place in the Rembrandt Room at Lynnewood Hall, which housed 14 paintings by the artist of that name, in front of 20 ...
... Although the room seen here is the physical bed chamber of Peter A.B. Widener, this
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Image: Cornelius Vanderbilt II House
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Image: Versailles home in Lake Butler Sound
Lynnewood Hall -- Philadelphia Architects and Buildings
Get perspective
Image: Winterthur Museum DSC01316
Image: Belle Grove Plantation 13
Image: Cooper Hewitt Matt Flynn AHHP
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